Our Passion is concrete; how it behaveshow it reactshow it deterioratesand how to protect it.


Xypex Marketing Service Thailand (XMS) is a major Regional Distributor for Xypex Australia. A leading organisation that enhances Concrete Durability in Commercial, Civil Infrastructure and Industrial, Xypex Australia provides long-term Ecological Resilience within Concrete Assets, leading the way in Crystalline Technology, based in Albury, NSW Australia. XMS Thailand operates throughout all of Thailand and is an innovative organisation that has a heavy focus on the importance of "Ecological Resilience supporting long-lasting Concrete Infrastructure", by providing remedial methodologies that enhance durability through remediation of defects in the structure.

Concrete by nature is a porous construction material often allowing water into the substrate causing deterioration. Xypex Solutions greatly increases the durability and water tightness performance of concrete infrastructure through its Crystalline Technology. Coating or Admix systems, Xypex Solutions cater to new and existing concrete infrastructure. Committed to ensuring that your concrete assets are watertight whether they are yet to be built or well into their design service life.

It is important that each situation is individually assessed and the correct repair technique is specified. Xypex Marketing Service are specialists in a range of Crack Repair Methods with Xypex Crystalline Technology to meet the needs of wet and dry conditions along with structural requirements.

An essential part of a successful repair of concrete structures is to establish the underlying case and extent in which, the concrete is deteriorated. For a repair to be successful, it must eliminate/mitigate the cause and repair it to the full extent of the deterioration, ensuring that the structure is protected from the key deterioration mechanisms ultimately prolonging it's lifespan. Here at XMS Thailand, our team of skilled professionals and Engineers provide full Durability Consulting to meet your concrete asset needs.

Xypex Thailand can assist you from the outset with any concrete issues, our team have extensive experience which provides us with extensive inspection capabilities for concrete structures. And if required, we can facilitate engineering to ensure correct performance based solutions best aligned to your asset's needs The team can help investigate and provide the best possible advice on the condition and extent of deterioration that has occurred with your Asset. And in doing so, we can then evaluate and select repairs which help ensure you are achieving the highest potential service life extension based on the remediation costs.

Joints identified in concrete building construction are; Construction Joints, Expansion Joints, Contraction Joints and Isolation Joints. Xypex Marketing Services experienced team has the ability to both assess and provide suitable solutions to all jointing needs.

XMS Thailand take a consultative approach to market that is underpinned by our mission to enhance and extend the service life of concrete assets. Alongside and supported by a highly technical team, the XMS Thailand team have detailed knowledge of Xypex Crystalline Technology, particularly in relation to performance, additional protection options and methods available to effectively remediate and apply Xypex Products. We can develop unique and specific remediation and treatment procedures to allow for the project circumstances, environment and specifically the allowable assets shut down times in order to achieve Service Life Enhancement.

Xypex Marketing Service recognise the importance of the structural integrity of concrete assets, in all market segments. We consider how concrete infrastructure can be seriously compromised over time due to a number of conditions leading to corrosion of the reiforcement and spalling of outer layers of the concrete. Often in the case of spalling, this underlying cause requires remediation and consideration prior to repairs being undertaken. The specialised time at XMS Thailand are experienced in the use of market leading Xypex Crystalline Technology to achieve extension of service life.

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Global Green Tag

Xypex products have achieved certification via one of the largest product sustainability certification systems in Australia...GLOBAL GREENTAGCertTM.

Xypex Admix C-1000 NF and C-5000, Xypex Modified and Xypex Concentrate are certified by GreenTag, the only Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recognised Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) approved product rating Certification Mark in the sector.
XMS and Xypex Australia Green Tag Certification

Singapore Green Building Council

Xypex Thailand are proud to have been re-certified by Singapore Green Building Council for Xypex Admix C-1000 NF.

SGBC sets high standards and benchmarks for green building solutions both locally and regionally to help build more sustainable cities for better living. Their mission is to propel the Singapore building construction industry towards environmental sustainability, a mission XMS Thailand are excited to be a part of.
Singapore Green Building Council Certification

Xypex Projects

The Xypex range of products have been used on many projects including bridge structures, water treatment plants, marine structures, wharfs and Jetty's, water retaining structures

The Dhammakaya Ceitya


The Grand Meditation Stadium


Residential Complex for Dhammakaya Temple Monks